About Reflect Boutique


Reflect Boutique was created by Melissa Peters back in 2018 as a creative outlet.   Melissa, a wife and mother of 3, as well as a Speech Language Pathologist, by trade, built and ran a thriving private practice in the triangle area for over 15 years.  As rewarding as her career was, she was ready for a change.  After much prayer and soul searching, Melissa took a step of faith out of her comfort zone…. and Reflect Boutique became a reality.  Reflect Boutique was created as a way to showcase many of the things Melissa has always enjoyed….. decorating/home décor, clothing, accessories, and jewelry.  Reflect Boutique has continued to grow with two boutiques  located in Raleigh and Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Melissa's goal for Reflect Boutique is to continue to encourage and empower each of us to take that leap of faith and step out of our comfort zones and REFLECT who we were created to be!! We should all  be encouraged to REFLECT compassion, kindness, grace and love to each other.  Be sure to follow  Reflect Boutique on Instagram and Facebook @shopreflectnc and keep up with our continued effort as we desire to build a community of women, who instead of competing with each other, intentionally chose to unite together to encourage and empower each other to pursue the gifts and talents we each have been given.